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Puppies eight weeks old and ready to leave on October 10
Our current litter out of Lochiness The Jean Genie by DKBRCH DKJCH Lockthorn Zippo Stoney is doing well. The eight blacks – 6 boys and 2 girls are a lively bunch and will be fun to follow through to adulthood.
We still have one puppy for sale.

Partridge Frozen Fantazy had a lovely litter by Castlemans Syrian (DK00889/2015) in the spring. They all went to lovely homes with owners, who were well prepared for including af new member of the family, and who were well aware that it takes a lot of work and dedication, to make a good working dog and companion.


All puppies have now been reserved.

On March 24 Lochiness The Jean Genie (Maggi), DK14752/2016 (Labdom Pochard – Lochiness Foxberry) og Fernshot Cricket (GBFTCH Emmawood Drake – Emmanygan Tara Of Fernshot) gave birth to 10 puppies. Maggi is the perfect mother. The birth was easy and she mothers the puppies to perfection.

Below are some pics of Maggi and puppies.

This is the latest video of the puppies. They are two weeks and a few have started opening their eyes.

Below are photos of the newborn puppies.

Below photos and videos of previous litters.

11/12 2018