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On March 18 Kullaholms Ginny gave birth to six puppies. Four yellow dogs, one black dog and a yellow bitch. Lochiness Clotworthy Dobbin is the sire of this litter. About Dobbin can be said that he is a result of Keld’s trip to Ireland in 2015 where he visited Richard Johnston and IRFTCH Shimnavale Excalibur. A marvellous yellow dog, who unfortunately is no longer quite so accessible, as he now lives in the USA. We have great hopes for this litter. Ginny’s puppies from previous litters are sound, with great temperaments and good working abilities – and they don’t look bad either!

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On December 5th 2017 Lochiness Foxberry gave birth to nine black puppies. 5 boys and 4 girls. This was Foxy’s last litter and the sire is Fernshot Cricket. All the puppies have now left home, with our very best wishes for a bright future, where they hopefully will be of great joy and good use for the new families.

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The very first video of Foxy’s last litter. The puppies are now 4 weeks old and here they are just before being moved to larger surroundings. En new video will be created shortly.

Video from January 11th