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Cold game test on April 22 with elite class as mocktrial

Lochiness Clotworthy Dobbin (photo coming soon) achieved only 21 months old his second excellent and is therefore – in spite of his young age – already qualified for elite class. The next target is an excellent in open field trial, but that will have to wait to the shooting season. This summer will therefor be concentrating on training for that and participation in working tests to build experience.We expect a great deal from Dobbin. He is a relative large dog with much energy and capacity

Lochiness Han Solo was placed as number 3 out of a really strong group of 29 in the elite class mocktrial.

A mocktrial is a cold game test which is designed to resemble a real field trial as much as possible. It is a really exciting and entertaining type of test and a really useful preparation for the field trial season.

Thank you all for a super day!

Our 21 months old labrador dog by IRFTCH Shimnavale Excalibur and Lochiness Foxberry had his debut in open class B (cold game test) on April 9th. He passed and was awarded an excellent. This means that his next excellent in the class will qualify him for the elite class. He has come a long way fast!

Dobbin as puppy

In only 5 hours Kullaholms Ginny gave birth to 9  puppies, and within an0ther hour and a half, yet another black was born. She has now 5 yellows and 5 blacks, 5 puppy dogs and 5 puppy bitches. The puppies are by our own Fernshot Cricket.

Ginny is an exemplary mother and we have complete peace and quiet in the box. So now our main focus is to help getting the puppies through the next couple of days and nights and to spoil Ginny the very best we can.

Labrador retriever puppies expected in February

Fernshot Cricket has mated Kullaholms Ginny. The puppies are supposedly to be born on February 25th. The puppies will be ready to leave home at the end of April.

As both parents are very well made, we hope that the puppies will be rather good looking – by working dog standard. Please contact us for further information.


From the left: The judges Gitte Roed, Carsten Andersen and Boye Rasmussen, My humble self and Solo, runner-up Danny Fraser and Fendawood Able, 3rd Lars Nørgaard and Michnos Friend Chandler Bing and judge Flemming Roed.

A wonderful day at the island Samsø

On December 12 2016 Lochiness Han Solo won his first ticket at an open class field trial at Fyrbjergaard on the island Samsø. Solo did everything right and I am so proud of him! He was up against a tough “bunch”, so it was not an easy win. A day I will remember always, not only for the achievement but also for all the kind comments and congratulations.