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Labrador Retrievers for work and companionship

DKK opdrættere af labrador retrievere siden 1988.

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Please contact us for information by email ad-it@ad-it.net or phone +45 209-5 1034 or +4502288 9805


Two and a half year old Barrage Della Lontra " Loki" managed to achieve his excellent by the end of 2023, qualifying him for open FT.

A labrador retriever's trademark is an exceptional good temperament. It is kind to all people and other dogs. It knows when to relax and when to switch "on". A labrador comes in three colours, Black, Yellow and Chocolate. All other colours are to be characterized as cross-breeds.


Life with a dog is a certain life style, that should be considered thoroughly before bying a dog.

An amazing breed, when the potential is given the opportunity to grow.
Our dogs are working dogs and bred for that purpose. We do however also sell puppies to families, who do not hunt, but a criteria is that the dog is offered an active life with proper training and the possibility to use it's potential. 

A dog is not a toy
A labrador will grow into a fantastic family pet, but only when adults take on the responsibility and provide the training and guidance.

Bying af selling af puppy is a case of trust and credibility.
A prospective sale is always with the reservation, that if we do not find the match suitable for a puppy from this kennel, we are at liberty to decline. The same goes for the potential byuer. We always make an effort to ensure a good match for our puppies, and over the past 30 odd years, we have taken back less than a handfuld of puppies.