Majhvalpe ventes

Xanadu er drægtig efter at være blevet parret med Tamrose Macgill, DK05307/2022 (Troddenmills Full Throttle Of Leacaz – Tamrose Dakota). En sort han, som vi har kendt siden han var hvalp og som har et ekseptionelt godt temperament. Han er en rolig og velovervejet ung han, som allerede har gjort sig bemærket på markprøverne. Han har foreløbigt 1 certifikat i open.

– Forventet fødsel ca. 1. maj.
– Forventet afrejsedag for hvalpene vil være først i juli.

Your are most welcome to contact us for more information, should you be interested. mail eller pr. telefon.


Our latest litter

Labrador puppies born at Lochiness.
on November 26. 2023

by Barrage Della Lontra (Loki).
and Partridge Frozen Fantazy (Tazy) have now all gone to new homes. Thank you for all the lovely photos of puppies been settled in.

The puppies are to us a very exciting combination, where English, Irish and Italian field trial lines are represented.

Barrage Della Lontra
(GBCH Troddenmills Full Throttle of Leacaz – ITCH Joystick Perlalontra)
DK05371/2022. HD index 101

Partridge Frozen Fantazy
(IRFTCH Shimnavale Excalibur – DKBRCH DKWTCH Thirsgaards I Caught Fire)
DK07553/2016. HD index 110

Our puppies are leaving home with

  • DKK registration and sales contract
  • 15 kg. of puppy feed
  • health insurrance for the first 4 months
  • Danish buyers are offered a membership of the the Danish Retriever Club.
  • the puppies are given a treatment by Lyhnes Kynoostedterapi before they leave home
  • the puppies are chipped, vaccinated and given a health check at the vets and equipped with a EU pets passport.

Go to "our dogs" for pics of the sire and dam “Vore hunde”

The pups are born and live i our house together with the bunch, consisting of 8 labradors from 10 months to 12 years of age.

Video af aktuelt kuld, billederne er fra forårets kuld i 2023

The picture above is from last year's spring litter on a field trip in the woods. We have the woods as our "back yard", So it is only natural that the pups should enjoy it as their playground.
They are taught to follow us, and while they do that, they learn problem solving, and are psysically and mentally developing.

January 28th
The happy bunch is diminishing. Now only 4 are left.

Here they are on one of the many trips in the woods, exploring everything on their way. They are taught to follow along, to overcome larger opstacles, using smart thinking, that water is not dangerous. In the process they become strong and self confident.


January 18th
Seven weeks old now. Here they are in the garden playing with mum. Today they all went to the vet for chip, health examination and vaccination. All were fine.

The spring litter of 2023 at the vets. Always quite an event.

Our current litter. In this litter the pups are only 4 weeks old.

Pups of 5 weeks old